How to Order

We offer floral arrangements or cut bouquets in all price ranges:

For delivery- our order minimum is $35.00 plus
 applicable delivery charge. All orders must be 
paid in full prior to delivery.

Local Delivery Charge-$9.00- and up for 
most areas of Nassau County Zip Codes.

Out Of Area Charge-$ 15.00 and up.

All orders are subject to New York State Sales Tax.

We also can send flowers around the United States or around the world. Current wire delivery charge of $21.99 per order.
International orders charges are additional.

Please contact us prior to placing all order to ensure product availability and to make sure we are able to deliver your order within the given time frame.

As a reminder when placing online orders we need the 
full name of recipient ,address,city,state,zip code 
and of course telephone numbers.

If any of these items are incorrect or missing, this will result in a
delay or non delivery of item.